Anniversary Gifts for Deployed Husband

Anniversary Gifts for Deployed Husband

I have been wondering how other military wives celebrate when their husband is away. Do you wait until he gets back? Do you send presents …. Is your spouse deployed? Read this post for several ways to celebrate your anniversary even though you’re apart!

up with a list of things that only military spouses might consider romantic: … 7) Just spending your anniversary together on the actual day.. Military life is different… and romance is no exception. What a military spouse may find romantic just might leave his/her civilian friend shaking their head in wonder.

When John was deployed, care packages were some of the only ways that … I scoured Pinterest for anniversary care package ideas and found …. Anniversaries during deployments and separations are tough. Ease the loneliness with these romantic care package ideas for anniversaries.

Great ideas for care packages as submitted by Army wives and other Army … My husband is an Air Force Reservist who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. … to make an anniversary box so than we could do things “together.

… wife, an emergency room nurse at Salem Hospital, quite the anniversary gift. … ER nurse gets surprise homecoming from military husband.

such as birthdays, anniversaries, first and last days of school, your first family … and spouses, to enjoy their time during the deployment and not just get through it.. No military family gets excited about deployment; instead, we kick it into high gear with planning for such things as financial and legal readiness, child-care arrangements and emotional stability. What is often overlookedis a plan for celebrating special occasions. Don’t wait for your loved one to ship out in order to shape up ideas for staying connected. Take some time to think about ways to create special moments to cherish during a deployment.

A letter to wives with deployed husbands – …. Starbucks’ gift cards, sweet notes, handmade scarves and hats, candy, and …. About half way through Seth and I’s deployment, I came across a blog post written by an Army wife titled “Why You Will Rock This Deployment” or something similar. And it was absolutely amazing. As a military wife, it is so awesome to meet or connect with someone who is going …

One way to celebrate a military anniversary is to make a list of lessons you have had to learn. They will be nothing like the lessons of any other …. Once upon a time, I was a bride. That was a long upon-a-time ago — 25 years ago today. Not only did I snatch up the best person on the planet while he was fresh and hot, but I got very, very lucky. The guy is military.

In five years of marriage, this is the best anniversary gift my husband has … anniversary in March of 2011, my husband was deployed (again), …

For military spouses, spruce up your note by spraying your favorite … my husband and I found it fun to send little “I love you” trinkets and gifts to …. Deployments are very challenging for military couples, but they can be great for really getting to know your spouse and falling in love all over again.